Simplifying Wholesale Meat Trade

Our aim at MeatBorsa is to make trading meat easier and more profitable for you. We focus on simplifying the buying and selling process, so you can save money and earn more. Helping your business grow in the meat industry is what we’re all about.

Our team

We are a group of people with decades of experience in meat and software. We joined forces to make wholesale meat trade easy, fast and efficient.

  • Ivan Osmak

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Aneta Nakova


  • Georgi Chokov

    Chief Product Officer

  • Bo Pedersen

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Polina Kasaboneva

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Desislav Bonchev

    Chief Technology Officer

  • George Lilianov

    MeatBorsa Financials, CEO

  • Martina Osmak

    Director of Marketing

  • Zornitsa Koleva

    Account Executive

  • Iva Mancheva

    Account Manager

  • Zlatin Zlatev

    Software Engineer

  • Nikolay Paskulov

    Software Engineer

  • Stefan Yonchev

    Quality Assurance

  • Slavcho Boyukliev

    Frontend Developer