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Waste not, want not.

Food waste is a global issue. The global food industry has been on a decades long journey to reduce waste at every stage of the journey from farm to plate. In 2022, the amount of food waste in the UK was estimated at 95kg/person/year.

Are New Taxes on the Horizon for EU Meat Producers?

The EU is considering additional measures to tackle climate change, and has undertaken to propose several new taxes to address different environmental. Meat producers and processors will likely be significantly impacted.

European Pigmeat Market Update: Mid-2024 Outlook

The European pigmeat market in mid-2024 is characterised by ongoing production declines, with total EU pig livestock numbers down 0.6% at the end of 2023 and slaughter numbers falling 1.3% in Q1 2024 compared to the previous year.

Meatborsa Will Attend Sial China 2024: Join Us in Shanghai!

We are delighted to announce that Meatborsa will be attending Sial China 2024, one of Asia's largest and most influential food innovation exhibitions. This year, the event will take place from May 28-30 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centr

Inside the Meat Industry: The Role and Metrics of a Meat Buyer

Welcome to an insider’s glimpse into the world of the meat industry. Understanding the complexities of sourcing meat from suppliers is crucial for ensuring the quality and availability of the meats we enjoy. This blog post explores the key responsibilitie

Get up to 60 days payment terms with Meatborsa Pay Later

At Meatborsa, we are committed to making transactions smoother and more efficient for both buyers and sellers. That’s why we’ve introduced Meatborsa Pay Later (MBPL), a financial product designed to offer flexible payment terms for buyers.

What Are Animal By-Products (ABPs)?

Explore how animal by-products, from bones to wool, are safely transformed into valuable resources like animal feed, fertilizers and biofuel, guided by strict regulatory categories. Gain insight into the three risk-based categories that dictate their use.

Beef steaks, MeatBorsa and AI walk into a bar...

When we started MeatBorsa, we thought we knew how people sell meat - but we were not completely right. We believed that every listing is very different, but it turned out that companies mostly sell similar products where only quantity and price change.

Meet Us In Sofia!

We are incredibly happy to announce that MeatBorsa is going to have a stand on the Meatmania fair in Sofia. That is an international exhibition for meat and sausage products where you can see the latest techniques, recipes, and trends in the industry.

MeatBorsa Makes Waves as Visitors at Anuga Fair 2023

The Anuga Fair 2023 in Cologne, Germany, was nothing short of spectacular. The global food industry converged to celebrate and discuss the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities. Among the myriad of attendees, MeatBorsa made its presence felt as bo

Why Do You Need to Be on MeatBorsa?

You found yourself on this website and you spent some time going around it. You’ve read what we wrote on the Home page, you’ve checked how it looks from the perspective of different people and companies, and you’ve even checked the videos we’ve recorded a

The Battle Against African Swine Fever (ASF) Worldwide

African Swine Fever (ASF) is a very contagious virus that affects both domestic and wild pigs. It is a big worry for the pig farming industry all around the world. In this article, we will talk about ASF, how it spreads, what it is doing, and what the

Meat Industry at the Verge of Change

A traditionally face-to-face industry still offers a lot of benefits to working that way. It also deserves a face lift with a dash of technology. Meat Borsa is a first-of-its-kind platform that meat trading companies need in order to streamline their buyi

Join MeatBorsa at Anuga: Let's Connect!

We're thrilled to announce that the Meat Borsa team will be making an appearance at this year's Anuga Meat Fair in Cologne, Germany! As visitors, we're eager to immerse ourselves in the heart of the global meat industry and connect with fellow professiona

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