Violation Policy

Revision date 9/19/2023
1. Introduction
At MeatBorsa, we are committed to providing a safe, efficient, and secure B2B marketplace for all our users. This Violation Policy outlines actions that constitute a violation of our platform’s rules and the measures we may take in response.
2. Monitoring & Privacy
2.1. Chat & Message Monitoring To ensure the safety and integrity of our platform, we reserve the right to monitor chats and messages between users. Our primary goals are to:
  • • Identify and prevent fraud.
  • • Ensure users comply with our policy guidelines.
  • • Prevent trading outside the platform.
  • • Monitor for appropriate language use.
  • • Prevent potential scams.
2.2. Identity Protection:
For privacy protection, real user identities are obfuscated using randomized IDs. Access to the actual identities and sensitive chat details is strictly limited to specific authorized personnel, as outlined in our internal organizational rules.
3. Trading Policy
3.1. Platform-Exclusive Trading:
All offers and recommendations generated on the MeatBorsa platform are exclusive to the platform. Execution or trading of these offers outside MeatBorsa is strictly prohibited, with the sole exception being direct payment settlements between parties.
3.2. Order Completion Reporting:
After an order's payment has been settled, users are required to indicate the order as "completed" within the platform. This ensures a transparent record of transactions and assists with potential conflict resolutions.
3.3. Fair Compensation Rights:
MeatBorsa reserves the right to seek fair compensation from parties if it is detected that a deal originating from our platform was executed outside of it without appropriate reporting by involved parties.
3.4. Accountability of Parties:
Both participating parties in a transaction can be held accountable for breaches of this policy. If one party lures or involves the other in outside activities, both parties are considered suspect in potential fraudulent activities. We expect prompt reporting from either side in such circumstances.
4. Violation Consequences
4.1. Any user found to be in violation of this policy may face penalties, including but not limited to:
  • • Temporary or permanent suspension of account access.
  • • Formal warnings.
  • • Reporting to relevant legal or regulatory bodies.
  • • Financial penalties as compensation to MeatBorsa.
4.2. MeatBorsa reserves the right to take any necessary action deemed appropriate in response to policy violations, including legal action.
5. Reporting Policy Violations
5.1. If users become aware of any violations of this policy, they are encouraged to report them immediately to our support team for swift resolution.
6. Changes to this Policy
6.1. MeatBorsa may update this Violation Policy from time to time to reflect changes in our services, user feedback, or changes in applicable laws. Users will be notified of any significant changes and are advised to review this policy periodically.
By using the MeatBorsa platform, users acknowledge and agree to adhere to this Violation Policy. It is imperative to understand these rules to maintain the trust and efficiency of our platform.