Privacy Policy

Revision date 9/19/2023
1. Introduction
Welcome to our B2B marketplace. Your privacy and the integrity of your personal data is paramount to us. This Privacy Policy outlines how we ensure the confidentiality and security of your information.
2. Data Collection
  • Communication Monitoring: For the protection and security of all users, we may monitor communications, including chats and messages on our platform. This is done to identify potential fraud, policy violations, trading outside the platform, maintain proper language standards, and to prevent scams.
  • Usage Data: We gather statistics related to how you utilize our service, such as visited pages, time spent, and actions taken. This information aids in improving our service and offering targeted recommendations based on user preferences.
3. Data Protection and Security
  • Anonymity in Monitoring: All monitored communications will have real identities masked with randomized IDs, ensuring your privacy remains uncompromised.
  • Access Control: Only a select group of authorized personnel are granted access to sensitive communication data, governed by strict internal rules.
  • Technical and Organizational Measures:We are dedicated to safeguarding your data. We deploy technical and organizational security measures to diminish risks linked with data loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alterations. Key measures include, but are not limited to, data encryption, network security services, physical access restrictions to our data centers, and logical access controls for system and data access. Additionally, during technical support sessions, trained personnel may access and work with your account for the purposes of service enhancement and problem resolution.
4. Usage of Data
Collected data is harnessed for:
  • Safety & Security: To foster a safe trading environment and to intercept any policy violations.
  • Service Improvement: Enhancing our platform's functionalities and overall user experience.
  • Recommendations:Using your usage patterns, we provide tailored recommendations, enhancing your interactions with our services.
5. Data Retention
Your data is retained only for the duration necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.
6. Rights under European Law
Operating within Europe, you possess rights concerning your personal data under European data protection laws. These rights include accessing, rectifying, erasing your personal data, restricting its processing, or objecting to it, and data portability. To exercise any of these rights, please contact our support.
7. Amendments
This Privacy Policy may be periodically updated to mirror any changes in our data practices. Users will always be informed of any updates on this platform.
8. Contact
For queries or concerns related to this Privacy Policy or our data handling practices, kindly reach out to our data protection officer at []. We value your trust. Rest assured, your data's privacy and security remain our utmost priority.