Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm a trader, do I need to create two separate accounts, one for buying and one for selling?
No, you don’t need two accounts. You can do both buying and selling through one account.
What kind of product is sold on Meat Borsa?
On our platform, you can buy and sell meat of all kinds, including plant-based meat. You can also buy and sell additives for meat production. It can be both fresh and frozen.
What is the origin of products sold on Meat Borsa?
The platform has no limit and doesn’t include borders, so companies can be a part of it regardless of their countries.
Can I send contract and invoices using Meat Borsa?
Yes, you can. Once buyer and seller enter the collaboration process, they can exchange and store various documents using Meat Borsa.
Does Meat Borsa allows future deals?
Yes, it does. You can easily update items for sale or items you want to buy and set a date in future when this deal can be made. It is instantly visible to the other side so there is no confusion.
How do I know I’m buying or selling from a legitimate company?
Meat Borsa is making sure to validate companies that register to the platform. You will see how it works while creating your own profile – we will ask you a set of questions and for a set of information/documentation. With each provided information/document your profile will grow through levels until you reach the full validation. Everybody is going through the same procedure and if the procedure is not completed, they will not be allowed to do any buying/selling in order to protect the other people on the Marketplace.