Terms and Conditions for MeatBorsa B2B Marketplace

1. Introduction:
Welcome to MeatBorsa, a B2B marketplace for the meat industry. These terms and conditions govern the use of our platform accessible via the website meatborsa.com. By accessing, registering, or transacting on our platform through this website, you agree to be bound by these terms.
2. Definitions:
  • Platform: Refers to the MeatBorsa website, application, and other related services.
  • User: A single contact within a company.
  • Company: Registered business that may contain one or more users.
  • Seller: Any entity that offers products for sale on the platform.
  • Buyer: Any entity that seeks or purchases products from the platform.
3. Registration:
  • To transact on the platform, users must register by providing accurate and current information.
  • You must be legally permitted to enter into a binding contract in the jurisdiction where you operate to register as a user.
4. Listings and Product Descriptions:
  • Sellers must provide accurate, complete, and non-misleading product descriptions.
  • MeatBorsa reserves the right to remove any listing that does not meet our standards or violates these terms. Please refer to our Violation Policy for more details.
5. Pricing:
All pricing must be fair, transparent, and competitive.
6. Transaction Terms:
  • All sales are binding and are a direct contract between the seller and buyer.
  • While MeatBorsa facilitates connections between buyers and sellers, we are not involved in payment processing. Payment arrangements and any disputes related to payment must be settled between the buyer and seller directly.
  • MeatBorsa may offer mediation in the event of disputes, but such mediation is a courtesy and not an obligation.
7. Feedback and Ratings:
Users can leave feedback or ratings based on transactions. This feedback must be honest, non-defamatory, and based on actual transaction experiences.
8. Intellectual Property:
All content, including logos, trademarks, and copyrighted material, on the platform is the property of MeatBorsa or its licensors and may not be used without permission.
9. User Rights:
  • Users have the right to access their personal data held by MeatBorsa.
  • Users have the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal data.
  • Users can request the deletion of their personal data.
  • Users have the right to object to the processing of their personal data for marketing purposes.
10. Privacy:
Your privacy is paramount to us. For detailed information on how we handle user data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
11. Liability:
MeatBorsa is provided "as-is". We do not guarantee uninterrupted access, and we are not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of our platform.
12. Disputes:
Any disputes between buyers and sellers should be resolved directly. If necessary, MeatBorsa may offer mediation, but we are not obliged to do so.
13. Termination:
MeatBorsa reserves the right to terminate accounts that violate these terms, our Violation Policy, or engage in illegal or fraudulent activities.
14. Changes to Terms:
We reserve the right to change these terms at any time. Continued use of the platform after changes means you accept the revised terms.
15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
These terms shall be governed by applicable laws, and all disputes shall be resolved in competent courts.
16. Contact:
For any queries, you may contact us at [contact@meatborsa.com].
17. Recommendation and Translation Services:
MeatBorsa may provide recommendation and translation services on the platform. These services are offered for user convenience and may not always be accurate or reflect the intended meaning of the original content. While we strive to ensure the quality of these services, users should exercise caution and verify critical information independently. MeatBorsa cannot be held accountable for inconsistencies, inaccuracies, or misinterpretations arising from the use of these services.
18. Pay Later service
"The service "Pay Later" provided by MeatBorsa Ltd is strictly for facilitating the transactions made on the platform MeatBorsa between buyers and sellers and do not constitute credit services or any other form of financial institution operations. MeatBorsa is not a bank, credit union, or other type of financial institution and does not offer any form of credit or lending services.
  • Our "Pay Later" service allows our users to defer payments under specific terms and conditions, but it does not involve any form of credit or lending services. Users should not interpret the use of our service as obtaining a loan or credit line.
  • By using our services, you acknowledge and agree that [Company Name] is not providing financial advice, credit services, or acting as a Credit or any other Financial institution. For any financial advice or credit services, please consult with a qualified and licensed financial professional or a recognized financial institution.
  • For any questions or concerns regarding our "Pay Later" services, please refer to our terms and conditions or contact our customer support team.”