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2nd edition

Simplify your meat business decisions with our concise Meat Report. It’s your quick guide to meat production across Europe, including top producers and main market trends—free!

Quick Highlights:

  • Discover top meat-producing countries and their main products
  • Identify where to buy or sell
  • Gain strategic knowledge for entering new markets
  • Understand the global meat supply chain and enhance your supply chain efficiency

What’s New in the Second Edition?

Building on our comprehensive country-centric analysis from the first edition, we have now expanded our insights to include a meat-centric perspective as well. This addition allows you to see not only which countries are leading in meat production but also which types of meat are most predominantly produced in each region. Who produces most chicken meat? Who is the leader in pork meat production? Check it out in this new edition. This dual perspective enhances your ability to pinpoint opportunities and strategize effectively.

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